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Picture Framing is a Great Do it yourself Project

Picture Framing is a Great Do it yourself Project

Author: Susan Slobac

If you are an artist, or simply someone who enjoys displaying artwork around your home or office, you are going to need to frame your fine prints. Although you could have the art framed professionally, it is quite easy to do picture framing yourself.

With a few simple materials, you can be well on your way to displaying the paintings and photos that you enjoy. You will need to measure your picture first, so that you can obtain the proper sized materials for picture framing. After that, you will need to get an appropriately sized frame with glazing, mount board, mat board, some way to adhere the art to the mountboard, and a hanging mechanism in order to hang your picture if desired. picture frames come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, including metal and wood.

Usually paintings are framed in wood, while photographs use metal frames, but you can use either according to your picture framing taste and where the artwork will be displayed. Ready made picture frames are less expensive than custom frames, but if you have an unusually sized piece of artwork, custom frames could be your only option for picture framing. Ready made picture frames are readily available in many standard sizes. Picture frames will also need some type of glazing, and this can be sold with the frame or separately. Glazing can be glass or acrylic, and each offer specific benefits. Glass is very scratch resistant, but also rather heavy. Acrylic is lightweight but a bit more prone to scratching. However, it can also provide additional protection to your artwork by bringing ultra violet light protection and reduced glare to the framed art.

The picture is placed on the mount board and is adhered to it in some manner. Although adhesive can be used, it can often damage the artwork if you want to change out the picture frames. Photo corners or hinging tape can be used instead, and these often come in acid-free formulas so that no damage will come to the artwork, which can be removed from the corners easily. Alternatively, the mount board can be taped to the mat board using the hinging tape, with the artwork sandwiched in between. A lightweight but sturdy mount board will help to preserve your artwork. Using acid-free foam core mount board offers a great way to protect your artwork from damaging acids that can discolor its surface. The mat board is an important consideration for several reasons. Aesthetically, mats can be layered to highlight certain colors within the picture. In terms of conservation, mats also help to provide space between the artwork's surface and the glazing, and help to prevent moisture buildup that can damage the art. Utilizing all of these pieces, you can easily practice picture framing your artwork. Ready made picture frames can be used inexpensively, and picture frames can be chosen according to what you like and what works with your decor.

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Susan Slobac is an avid photographer.Susan believes a picture frame is more than just fashion; it's a safeguard for something you love. In this article Susan talks about

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