Monday, April 4, 2011

bacon wrapped water chesnuts.

I made a stir fry out of the leftover pork patties I cooked yesterday. I sliced the 2 patties into strips and threw them in the frying pan which I had dropped a couple tablespoons of olive oil.

To my frying pan I added some heart of palm, baby corn, bean sprouts, and the leftover water chesnuts from my bacon wrapped water chesnut.

I enptied a whole glass jar of thai sauce into my frying pan

Bacon wrapped water chesnuts:

cut your package of bacon in half, and use the bacon halves to wrap up around a whole water chesnut.

Pierce them with a toothpick each and bake in the oven around 400 until the bacon is the crispness you like.

The bacon wrapped water chestnuts were awesome but the stirfry was just ok, I ended up throwing away the leftovers because nobody in our family would eat the stirfry again.

So half my meal was a success: bacon wrapped water chestnuts.

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