Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tonight is a party night.

First of all I went to the liquor store with Chandler and i got my husband's favourite beer: Alpine. I then looked at the red wines when the store lady helped me and I chose a sweet wine named: Rodrigues winery, Strawberry wine 10% alcohol. I bought 2 of them and with jon's beer it came up to just over fifty bucks. I took out half an onion which I diced very finely, I took out half a big tomato which I diced as well. I took out the pita breadsand I shredded cheddar and mozarelly cheese, sliced up half a red pepper. I took out the half of the black olives can I had in the fridge. I took out a previously sliced up cup of radishes I sliced up some salami. All that was to be toppings and fillings to the pita bread halves. On the other shelving of the kitchen, I put out Ritz crackers, other crackers, sliced cheddar cheese, sliced mozarelly cheese, olives, pickled baby onions, pickled sliced peppers, and a platter of mini sandwich from m&m meats not mentioning the bowl of coleslaw and also the bowl full of fresly cut oranges. We haven't had supper yet but I'm anxious to dig in, I love finger foods.

At the last minute I baked a batch of pilsbury dough boy croissants.

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  1. It's a great combination you have created. Just think you have combined supper and a party all in one operation. That's very clever and also very frugal.
    I love your supper approach and the creativity you used getting it together.