Tuesday, April 5, 2011

perogies with bacon and potatoes

Tonight's meal was easy, simple, yummy but FATTENING!!

But once in a while we can splurge..right??

I started with a package of bacon ends and bits....it was cheaper than the usual bacon so we tried it out.

I put my bacon in the frying pan on medium and started cooking them.

I peeled and chopped one potato into bite size pieces and I added it to the bacon so it could cook in the bacon fat.

I boiled about a dozen perogies just until they floated at the top, I scooped them up and added them to the bacon mixture in the frying pan.

I cooked the whole dinner in bacon fat, the fat that the bacon pieces rendered.

As a side dish, I made a simple salad from half a head of lettuce, maybe a cup or so of coleslaw (without dressing added yet), I sliced up a few radishes and there was my salad. That's it that's all.

I put a bunch of different salad dressings on the table so my family could pick and choose the dressing they wanted on their salad.

The blue bottle is a new wine my husband bought me today, it's nice and sweet,...but I only like sweet wines.

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