Sunday, April 10, 2011

lobster tail or cabbage rolls?

Tonight's supper was individual different plates of lobster tail and cabbage rolls.

See, he likes lobster and i don't....I like cabbage rolls and he doesnt.

Firstly I took care of the potatoes because that's what would take the longest time to cook.

I peeled and diced them and threw them in a pot of hot salted water.

Once tender, I strained them and put them in a plastic bowl which I had dumped in grated mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese and spices.

Once i mixed it all with a dollop of concumber salad dressing, the cheese started to melt and create the yummy stringy blend of cheeses.

I tasted it and loved it and decided to have a hot potato salad instead of the usual cold salad.

I took out yesterday's coleslaw and placed that on our plates.

I cooked the lobster tail in butter and garlic with the lid on so it would fry/steam.

I cooked the cabbage rolls in the microwave by pushing the pizza button 3 times.

so on our plates was cole slaw, potato salad and cabbage rolls /or lobster tail, very appealing!

Our supper was good except I didn't like the cabbage rolls from m&m meats, they tasted old and tinny.

I wouldn't bue it again from them, homemade is definately a better option from now on.

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