Friday, April 8, 2011

Italian soup with garlic toasts

First of all, I put maybe a teaspoon full of olive oil in my crock pot and I turned it on to high.

I threw in half an onion, all diced up and I let the onions sweat under the cover of the glass lid.

After the onion start looking trasparent, I added a little diced red pepper.

Cook it all together under the lid of course.

I then thought of quinoa and added just a handful of the little grains.

Next came a couple of pinches of red pepper flakes ( as shown in the picture )

I put some water in my frying pan of meatballs and tomato sauce from yesterday's supper and I mixed it all up in the frying pan, scraping all the flavourful tomato sauce.

Next went in some cooked pasta I had frozen for later use.

I threw in a handful of beef soup powder for taste.

I cooked the whole mixture now on low for a few hours... MMMMMMMMMM that was good!

Don't forget your garlic toast. ( I just bought a loaf all ready to be baked.)

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