Thursday, April 28, 2011


I made something like a jumbalaya for tonight`s supper.

First I fried up some sliced mushroom and then I added the leftover hamburger meat from last night`s tacos.

I also had cooked carrot slices that I added with some salsa from yesterdays`meal.

I roasted a green pepper half in the oven because my husband can`t stand the pepper skin, ( same as the tomato skins) and I have to skin all of his vegetables!!

I sliced the pepper up and added it to the jumbalaya.

I cooked some brown rice on the side and I`ll place a spoonful of jumbalaya on a bed of brown rice on our plates.

Oh shit, I added the leftover gravy from Sunday`s turkey supper and I totally ruined the meal!

I`m so sorry, I don`t recommend you try this meal, it`s a total f lop!! Oh well, shit happens!

So Jon went to subway to get us supper. YUM!

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